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Cats don’t purr because they are happy, they really just use it as a way to heal themselves and make their bones denser.

Scientific American (source)

That cat’s bones are SO DENSE.


– Catnip does get cats “high,” but it may be more of a sexual / pheremone reaction than a chemical high like that found in humans using marijuana.

– It has different effects depending on whether it is consumed or inhaled, and even cats with no sense of smell can be affected.

– Humans have used catnip (usually in teas) as a mild sedative and to relieve joint pain.

Scientific American (source)

(The video speaks the truth, and seems to have gotten many of its facts from

– Alcohol and drugs are physically addictive because they release dopamine. Dopamine is normally associated with happiness, but it can also be associated with learning and memory. The addiction actually comes from the pleasant subconscious memories formed while under the influence.

Science Daily (source)

Sunlight and/or Vitamin D is directly linked to testosterone levels.

BBC News (source)


There is a medical condition called Methemoglobinemia, in which the blood carries oxygen but does not properly deliver it. This results in the patient literally having blue skin (or worse, more life-threatening symptoms).

NCBI (study)

University of Nebraska (source)


There is a gene named after Sonic the Hedgehog. It plays an important role in embryonic development, and if mutated, can cause holoprosencephaly (when the brain does not separate into two hemispheres), which in turn can lead to cyclopia (cyclopsism).

It was named for the videogame character not for its ability to jump and catch golden rings, but because it was the early 1990s and the other two “hedgehog” genes had already been discovered.

Nature (source)

Proprioception is the sense of where are our bodies are in space. It is very sensitive, and can be affected by drugs / alcohol, injury, and even tool use.

Wise Geek


– “Temperature and humidity affect odor because they increase molecular volatility.”

– Distinct odors are dependent on both the shape & size of the odor molecule, and the vibrational frequency of it.

HowStuffWorks (source)

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