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The original Monopoly pieces have their shapes (iron, wheelbarrow, shoe, etc.) because the game was meant to play with items found around the house, like buttons and thimbles. Eventually, Hasbro standardized the tokens to include them with each board.

The Straight Dope (source)


Social Security numbers act as a code telling those in the know when and where you were born (or the card was issued). (decoder)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (source)

Ballet tutus evolved not only to allow the dancer free movement, but also so the audience could see the intricate movements of her feet. (source)

The Matsuo culture in Southern  China is a matriarchal (or matrilinear) society. Families are focused on the women, and many generations of women live together in the same house, caring for children. Husbands do not live with wives, but brothers / uncles stay with their own families and help out. (source)

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