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The differences between venom and poison:

Poisons must be absorbed via a mucus membrane (lungs, intestinal lining, nose, etc.).

Venoms must be injected, from a special appendage for this purpose.

It seems like venomous animals are more active with their toxins, (doing it on purpose) while poisonous substances are more passive (i.e. they must be eaten or inhaled). I say substances because not only animals can be poisonous, but things like plants and bleach are too. However, only animals are venomous.


Here’s an interesting related video:


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The New 7 Wonders of the Natural World were decided on 11/11/11, after calculating millions of internet and phone votes. They are:
– Amazonia
– Halong Bay
– Iguazu Falls
– Jeju Island
– Komodo
– Puerto Princesa Underground River
– Table Mountain

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A particularly nasty example occurred after an earthquake in Japan in 1923.

National Geographic – video

Smithsonian Magazine (source)

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