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For creating visual effects, green screens and blue screens are the most common for Chroma Key image overlay because they are furthest from human skin tone. Even though blue is further from the red in skin, cameras are more sensitive to green and easier to light up, so it is the more common background nowadays. (source)


The differences between venom and poison:

Poisons must be absorbed via a mucus membrane (lungs, intestinal lining, nose, etc.).

Venoms must be injected, from a special appendage for this purpose.

It seems like venomous animals are more active with their toxins, (doing it on purpose) while poisonous substances are more passive (i.e. they must be eaten or inhaled). I say substances because not only animals can be poisonous, but things like plants and bleach are too. However, only animals are venomous.


Here’s an interesting related video:


The Roaming Naturalist (source)

List of Venomous Animals (wiki)


The Venus Effect is a phenomena in paintings and movies that leads viewers to believe that a subject sees themselves in a mirror, even if the angle is physically wrong. Technically, the subject would be seeing the viewer in the mirror if the viewer can see the reflection of the subject.

io9 (explanation)

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– Modern mirrors are made with a backing of aluminum.

– Reflected words appear backwards because mirrors reflect front to back, like looking through the image ( not flipping right to left).

– Acoustic mirrors reflect sound instead of light, and were used as a pre-radar.

How Stuff Works (source)

Sorry kids, but the math and physics of Santa making his fabled trip prove to be impossible magic.

Snopes (source)

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