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– Alcohol and drugs are physically addictive because they release dopamine. Dopamine is normally associated with happiness, but it can also be associated with learning and memory. The addiction actually comes from the pleasant subconscious memories formed while under the influence.

Science Daily (source)


Proprioception is the sense of where are our bodies are in space. It is very sensitive, and can be affected by drugs / alcohol, injury, and even tool use.

Wise Geek

The word “alcohol” probably comes from an Arabic word for an ancient powder used as an eye makeup. The original word “al-ghawl” also gave us the English word “ghoul” and can trace the etymology of calling alcohol “spirits.”

(Condensing the powder into a useable makeup caused a distillation of sorts, and those that breathed the vapors were thought to be possessed by supernatural beings (spirits), similar to the effects of being drunk.)

VIAS Encyclopedia (source)

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