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Cats don’t purr because they are happy, they really just use it as a way to heal themselves and make their bones denser.

Scientific American (source)

That cat’s bones are SO DENSE.


– Catnip does get cats “high,” but it may be more of a sexual / pheremone reaction than a chemical high like that found in humans using marijuana.

– It has different effects depending on whether it is consumed or inhaled, and even cats with no sense of smell can be affected.

– Humans have used catnip (usually in teas) as a mild sedative and to relieve joint pain.

Scientific American (source)

(The video speaks the truth, and seems to have gotten many of its facts from

– Polydactyl Cats (having more than the normal 5 toes in front / 4 toes in rear) on all four paws is very rare.

– They were at once considered bad luck (instances of witchcraft) and good luck, as sailors would bring them aboard ship for their excellent mousing ability.

–  Teddy Roosevelt had a polydactyl named Slippers.

The Straight Dope (source)

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