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There is a medical condition called Methemoglobinemia, in which the blood carries oxygen but does not properly deliver it. This results in the patient literally having blue skin (or worse, more life-threatening symptoms).

NCBI (study)

University of Nebraska (source)



There is a gene named after Sonic the Hedgehog. It plays an important role in embryonic development, and if mutated, can cause holoprosencephaly (when the brain does not separate into two hemispheres), which in turn can lead to cyclopia (cyclopsism).

It was named for the videogame character not for its ability to jump and catch golden rings, but because it was the early 1990s and the other two “hedgehog” genes had already been discovered.

Nature (source)

Scientists may have found a cause for certain neurological diseases – a toxin moving up the food chain starting with cyanobacteria.

Discover Magazine (source)

The commonly seen “plague doctor” mask is shaped in such a way because the “beak” contained a mix of herbs and straw to act as a filter for the bad odors, which were believed to be the cause of disease.

The chirurgeon’s apprentice (source)

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